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Updated: @ 13-Feb-2013 6:08pm  
Summary / Temperature Wind Rain Outlook
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Currently: 57.5, Max: 66.1, Min: 34.9 57.5°F


Feels like: 58°F

High: 66.1°F
Low: 34.9°F
 Calm NNW
0.0 mph
0 Bft - Calm
Today: 10.0 mph 2:23pm
Gust Month: 20.0 mph
Rain Today: 0.00 in
Rain Rate (/hr): 0.00 in
Storm Rain: 0.00 in
This Month: 0.37 in
Season Total: 4.01 in
Humidity & Barometer Almanac Moon
Humidity: 44 %
Dew Point: 35.7°F
Barometer: 30.111 inHg
Baro Trend: Steady
Sunrise: 6:48am
Sunset: 5:37pm
Moonrise: 4:00pm
Moonset: 4:00pm
Waxing Gibbous
Waxing Gibbous, Moon at 7 days in cycle
UV Index Solar Radiation
   0.0    None
High: 3.2 @ 11:46am
0 W/m2
High: 681 @  12:07pm
 NWS Weather Forecast  - Outlook:  &

NWS forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Clear. Low 35°. Wind northwest near calm.
Davis VP+ forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours

NWS forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Sunny. High 65°. Wind west around 3 mph.